[NaB] just stupidity xD

Solved, some mods messed up

Bug: Starting the game will result in an endless amount of bugs at start screen (game mostly crashes when reporting 1136 bugs)

Every time I try to run the game it gives me alot of bug messages making the game unplayable.

Steps to reproduce:
Start the game

Expected results:
To be able to play the newest version of this game.

Actual results:
See summary and title

Version and mods:
Release 49, no mods

Sorry for phone quality, game freezes and attempts to PrtSc will end up with screens of steam instead.

Are you sure that there is absolutely no mod installed? There has been a change in the event system code that can cause earlier mods - especially mine - to create exactly these errors.

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I’m sure, I tried numerous things:

  • re-installing the game (didn’t work)
  • verifying the integrity with steam (didn’t work)
  • de-install + delete all files connected with SH --> Install again (didn’t work)

EDIT: Uninstalled + delete all files connected with SH seemed to have the job when I did it the 3rd time, and rebooted my laptop, maybe a registry thing? (I’m a noob with PC’s )

So your mods folder just contains two files, zero folders, radiant.smod and stonehearth.smod and deleting those two will cause the game to not start anymore at all, right?

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Yes! This is indeed correct! But it seems I needed to reboot my PC as well after deleting everything, not sure why this was.

But I guess the thread can be closed O.o not sure how reinstalling it multiple times and rebooting the pc worked, but it did.

The background visible on the screenshot does not belong to Vanilla Stonehearth. You have had some troubles with installed mods :wink:.

This is pretty weird, I checked it, just like RepeatPan said O.o I must’ve missed something