[NaB] Stonehearth's CandleDark Mod (problem because i didnt read all of instruction so ignore this)

I just got the Stonehearth’s new CandleDark mod, before getting it i made sure my game was updated properly, i downloaded the mod correctly, and when i put in Mods and start it… it wont start. (note im using steam) My Steam launcher says im playing Stonehearth but i never got the “Loading up Stonehearth” prompt. so i try hitting “PLAY” again and it says im already playing it. Later did i move the CandleDark Mod to my desktop, out of my mods folder, restarted steam, and started Stonehearth, it worked perfectly without the mod. Anyone else having this problem?

wait wait wait… forget everything i just said… didnt see the part where it said wont work for latest update on steam…

no worries… :smile: :+1:

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