Mods not loading

Hi there!

I was just going to play stonehearth, and I saw that all of my mods were missing. I reinstalled them and they work, nothing weird there. Well you close the game, then the next day you want to play agaìn and the mods are missing again? Reinstall, they work, but when I turn off my pc to game te next day again they are missing.
Is there any way how to fix this?
I checked that my mods and game is uptodate so dont know why this is…

Hope to get help!


by missing do you mean the ENTIRE TAB under the mods button in the main menu is empty? (middle, right)?
if so, thats usually steam acting weard. if you close the game, close steam, restart steam, restart the game, that usually fixes it.

That is what is happening
The problem is that if I just started my pc and then run stonehearth steam should not be started, could it be something else?

Start steam before stonehearth

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this game needs steam, if you have the steam version, to run (steam)mods. manually downloaded mods you dump in the mod folder should still work though. though i’d advise against them if you have the steam version. (ofthen the old style mods are outdated)