[MOD] Farm-able Wood Plant For A5-r1633+!

Since we don’t have a farm able wood resorce, I decide to make one, out of silkweed and berrybush files.

This is the final product:
The Farm-able Bush-plant Mod!


Put bush.smod it in Mods, but de-compress it back into folder bush, along with stonehearth.smod, sorry for the inconvenience. Will look for a way to stop the need of this as soon as I can.

Feel free to use it or repack it into other mods.

Update: Change file type into smod and should be support other version now.
Update:Fix a bug that could cause the big bad fatal error screen came out.

Thanks Miturion and Avairian for the help in creating this mod.

To add a button into the farm plot you need to mixinto stonehearth\services\server\farming\data\starting_crops.json
to add your crop data to the acendency starting crops.

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Thanks, it works fine, I’ll find a way to pack it as a .json file and put it up here.


I took a look into it.
It might work but this is not really the preferred way you want to add a mod. Directly into the core files overwriting stuff. It will break with every update. And overwrites any updates Radiant makes into these files.

You might want to take a look into this

Or this:

I’ll see what I can understand in these…Hopefully they won’t too hard to be understand for…

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I couldn’t make it go into the game again, can you help me take a look where I’ve done wrong?

As a first word I wanna say don’t get discouraged by the amount of errors. All modders, including me, made these in the past and occasionally still make them. I guess it is part of the learning process :blush:
But if you understand the errors you made, you know the json modding for a large part.

I found a few things:

In your manifest you miss comma’s. behind bush_bundle, oak log.json and initial_crops.json
I dont know what program you used to write the manifest, but maybe use a program like Sublime text 2.
And/or http://jsonlint.com/ to check the code.

You have spelling errors in it. corp is not the same as crop. easily to mistake but unreadable by the game.

Capital letters matter. Bush_crop is not the same as bush_crop.

bush_crop/ at the end does search for a bush_crop/bush_crop.json. Since you named the file Bush_crop.json it cant find it.

Also I would advise to not do duplicates in the aliases.


Since you use a mixinto you need to refer to the exact stonehearth file:

"stonehearth/services/server/farming/data/initial_crops.json": [“file(mixintos/initial_crops.json)”]

In initial_crops.json:

         "crop_type" : "stonehearth:bush_crop",
         "quantity" : 5

This does not work. stonehearth:bush_crop searches for a bush_crop alias in the stonehearth manifest. Not in your mod manifest. Since there is no bush_crop alias in the stonehearth manifest it does not work.
You need to replace stonehearth with your mod file name:

         "crop_type" : "bush:bush_crop",
         "quantity" : 5

and Voila :smile:


This is the one that you see being used in all the Radiant streams etc, just FYI. It’s shareware though - you to pay $70 to continue using it.

SciTE & Notepad++ are another couple of nice text editors you can use too :slight_smile: . These two are free to use, which is a nice advantage over Sublime 3 :wink: .

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Not true. you can use it free indefinitely. Only about every 50-100 saves you get some pop-up to buy it. Only a very minor annoyance.

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Huh, not what their website indicated. Not sure whether that’s deliberate to make more money or just bad advertising.

I dont know about 3. But for 2 it says it is free.

“Sublime Text 2 may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use. There is currently no enforced time limit for the evaluation.”

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It says
Invalid Manifest
please fix this I wanted to use this mod.

In the current stable version this mod is not really needed. High-level farmers can cultivate trees (a lvl 5 farmer is required to plant saplings).

I was under the impression that this mod added farmable wood, not just saplings that you have to plant then harvest manually

because I would really like a steady supply of wood

That’s right. But I doubt the author can help you - he hasn’t posted since 2014.
There are several ways to obtain wood in the game, including chopping trees, buying from traders (including traders summoned to trader stalls) and stealing borrowing it from goblin camps.

I created a mod that adds the ability to craft a log pile and a stone pile with just one resource. So then you can place it, harvest it and get 18 back. If you’re interested I can convert to a smod and post a link?


Figured I’d link them anyway just in case.