[Con] Farmer collects invisible silk weed

I saw my farmer collecting invisible silk weed. The “Mature Silk Weed” seems to have no model.

Steps to reproduce:
Make Farm plots
choose silk weed to be planted
let it grow

Expected Result:
A model for “Mature Silk Weed”

Actual Result:
Thers no model for Mature Silk weed when it grows up it finally becomes invisible

Alpha 7 r 183



As seen in the picture here there are now invisible crops xD:

Yay! I can confirm this:

As you can see, the farmer was harvesting silkweed. I think I noticed this after mining underground, but I tried to locate the crops and I couldn’t see them neither in a level underground (like that worker that became geomancer in another report) nor high in the sky.

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Is this specific to ripe silkweed? That’s the only one I’ve seen doing this (although I haven’t grown pumpkins recently)

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I’ve grown all the crops and the only one I’ve seen do this is the silkweed at the ripe stage.

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Merged here. (This report is better than the old one, so I left it at the top).

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@Tom (if you ever read this) [quote=“LordGrimli, post:23, topic:9092”]
invalid file path ‘/stonehearth/entities/crops/silkweed/silkweed.qb’.

I think the culprit is stonehearth/entities/crops/silkweed_crop/silkweed_crop.json

line 32: “file(…/silkweed/silkweed.qb)”

is not correct. If stage 5 corresponds to the wild silkweed model, it should point to stonehearth\entities\plants\silkweed\silkweed.qb

Paging @sdee in case she sees this before and can notify Tom…

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Mature silkweed disapears, but is still being harvested by the farmer(minor bug)

Immature silkweed is still visible. once it matures its no longer visible, though the farmer still knows its there and still harvests it.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a silkweed farm
  • wait till it is ready to be harvested

Expected Results:
The mature silkweed is visible

Actual results:
It is not visible


the field the farmer is harvesting, is full of mature silkweed

Note: this is the first time playing A7 official release, might be that it only happends on some occasion. I reported this the minute t happend(my game is still on pauze this very moment I am writing this) ill keep this post updated. if the field returns to normal

I think this bug has been reported, but not for the official release. Looks like some broken .qb file hasn’t been fixed yet.

Edit: here is the link to the bug report.

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If this bugs you I’ve released an unofficial fix.

Still broke in unstable alpha 8 release (if nobody said it before :slight_smile: )