[Dup] [A7,OR] silkweed disappears, graphical glitch

Mature silkweed disapears, but is still being harvested by the farmer(minor bug)

Immature silkweed is still visible. once it matures its no longer visible, though the farmer still knows its there and still harvests it.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a silkweed farm
  • wait till it is ready to be harvested

Expected Results:
The mature silkweed is visible

Actual results:
It is not visible


the field the farmer is harvesting, is full of mature silkweed

Note: this is the first time playing A7 official release, might be that it only happends on some occasion. I reported this the minute t happend(my game is still on pauze this very moment I am writing this) ill keep this post updated. if the field returns to normal

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