Silkweed.. is it farmable anymore?

So I am loving the new update as of right now, Getting to choose either race, blue or red… Currently i’m Red or Ray ray’s children… And Back in the day you could Farm Silkweed… But now i’m not able too? I have a level 7 or 8 farmer… so if it hasn’t happend yet I don’t know what else triggers it… I’m in an area where there are only 3 Silkweed for me to farm and I’ll never be able to get my Clothier some good work with just that… Am I missing something?

I am pretty sure they removed Silkweed from raya’s starting crops to help push towards a trading economy for scarce resources


Rayya’s have only a few crops. The green ones (not blue :slightly_smiling: ) called Ascendency has much more crops, including silkweed.

But do not fear, silkweed can be found on the map terrain and harvested, and it is renewable, in both biomes.

I still think silkweed looks too odd in the desert. o.O

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