How do I get fiber in Ascendancy?

I don’t have a shepherd. Is there another way to get fiber? The cloth trader didn’t have any either.

wildgrow? see if u can find one on the map

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The silkweed plants around the map can provide fiber. They usually spawn wild on the lowest plains levels of the Darkmoor Forest map; although they can spawn on any grass levels. A level one Ascendancy farmer can also grow silkweed as a crop. The wild plants can be manually harvested and will grow back; farmed silkweed will be automatically planted after it’s harvested.

If you’re playing Ascendancy on the Desert biome, you can get fiber from the tumbleweeds and small bushes; just like you would with RC. I’m not sure whether the RC have a crop they can grow for fiber; but the tumbleweeds and such don’t grow back after harvesting as far as I know.

Playing as the Ascendancy, and I presume on the Darkmoor Forest map, you should get plenty of fiber from silkweeds whether you farm them or harvest it from wild plants (remember you can also move the wild plants lower to your base. Sheep really aren’t required for their wool, it’s their meat which is more valuable to the Ascendancy (especially if you’re trying to build the Donation Boxes). However, if you want to make an industry out of woven goods, sheep will give you a lot of fiber relatively easily; so they’re a good late-game option for making money.

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I’m growing silkweed but I’m not getting fiber. I don’t have a weaver. I need the fiber for the weaver’s tool.
Here is a screen shot showing the 2 crops of silkweed and needing fiber to build the weaver’s tool.

Hello @littlecats. Fiber in the recipes, means any item that is considered a fiber resource, be it a silkweed bundle, wool, coarse fiber… It’s a generic resource, like wood (for carpenter recipes, you need wood, not a specific type of log like oak log, or juniper log, so any of them works).

Hope this clears your doubts :slight_smile:


Well I feel dumb. It wasn’t letting me build it when I had a small amount of silkweed. So I thought I needed fiber to build the tool.

Thank you for your help and clearing that up for me.

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For your reference, if the items counts under the symbol (17/1 in your screenshot) come up in green, you have enough to craft. I don’t know why it wouldn’t let you craft it other than level restrictions on the carpenter.


@Gaddiel When I tried to build it the first time, I only had 2 silkweed in storage. More were being harvested but hadn’t been brought to the storage yet. When it showed zero on the fiber I got convinced that fiber came from a different source than silkweed. I didn’t try to build the weaver’s tool after because I was looking for fiber. When I took the screenshot it didn’t click to me that I could build the tool until Relyss made it clear where the fiber source came from. So I felt really dumb when I looked at the screenshot after reading Relyss’s post.

I was really tired and should have gone to bed but instead I kept playing the game. My only excuse for being so blind as not to see that I could build the tool when I took the screenshot.