[Res] Silkweed Plant

Build 114

Bug: The silkweed plant can only be harvest once, after that settlers let the plants rot.

Repeatable: Always


I’ve noticed this also.

Confirmed and moved over to the bug reports category.

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Can you send a little more detail? Is this silkweed planted by farmers? Or silkweed in the wild?

The silkweed is planted by farmers (in my case).

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Can confirm this - silkweed farms can only be harvested once, then they bug out and are left to rot.

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Does it happen even if all you’ve got is a tiny plot of silkweed and no other types of plants?

I have not gotten that far with planted silkweed, but I can say that this problem does in fact not occur with wild silkweed. I’ve had that harvested at least twice so far.

Another silkweed bug. Is that it doesnt get moved to the stockpile.

I can not confirm that it does not get moved to the stockpile.

I am now able to confirm that when you make a tiny spot of silkweed, it does not get moves to the stockpile

ok, so I’m officially confused now … :smile:

perhaps we need a running list of what has been confirmed / what we’re trying to confirm…

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^ Possibly related to this, but I’ve had my turnips become un-harvestable too. Had to remove the farms and start over.

^ Pic of the silkweed just sitting there :stuck_out_tongue: .

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The silkweed is growing when you’ve got a tiny spot of land, but now it doesn’t get moved to the stockpile.

Yes, also happens in this case:

Ok, one more question: if you plant nothing but turnips, does this still happen? (You can take the turnip growth period to 1h if that helps in turnip_crop,json)

As am I, my farmers were able to harvest the tiny spot of silkweed 2 times before they got rotten. (I didn’t have any other plants).

My farmers resumed harvesting after I saved and reloaded.

Edit: The farmers also didn’t harvest the turnips before I did a save and reload.

Planted by farmers. One of each plot 6 x 8. Only happens with silkweed. Not tried just silkweed

Fixed on my machine. Looks like all crops may be broken in similar ways. Thanks for the guidance, everyone!


While I’m at it…

I haven’t been able to reproduce yet but I’ll let you know when I do:

I flagged combat mode to beat of some nasty goblins, and turned it off once they had been killed.

After that all of my settlers were flagged for attacked by goblins, but this time they refused to defend themselves. They just stood there and take a beating.

All but two of my brave intrepid explorers died before I realised what was going on :frowning: Sad times.

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