Will farmers be able to move berry bushes?

move them around and make little berry groves


I’d certainly hope so, perhaps it’d be a job for more adept and levelled-up Workers? c:

i was just wishing the same thing. transplanting berry bushes and trees to make rooftop gardens would be nice.

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Yeah transplanting, destroying, or planting new bushes would all be helpful additions.

I’ll second this motion to a better city organization :slight_smile:

let’s throw wild silk plants (or whatever they are called, I forget) into the mix. But instead of transplanting, just leave it at uprooting/deleting since you can make a farm of them quite easily.

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I hope you cant just move them. Why would I build a farm when I can just move 12 berry bushes?

To ensure a good variety of foods and avoid tantrum spirals of course :slight_smile: .

now you are just trying to stop me from having ‘fun’

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Now now, you can still make them eat nothing but berries if you want.

Some of us want to build up a bit further before we unleash Happy Fun Zone stuff on our hearthlings :wink: .

However, wild silk plant are far (about 9 times) more efficient than farmed ones. I take 3 farmed plants to make one load of silk and it regenerates 3 times slower then wild ones :wink: So I vote for transplanting again :stuck_out_tongue:

but farmed ones have the benefit of being automatic, unlike wild ones which need to be manually harvested every time.

  1. Therefore, min/max players will do it manually, because that’s just how they are. They’ll then have oodles & oodles of thread more than expected.
  2. Someone will come along with an auto-harvest mod / Cheat Engine script to automate it.

If anything, wild silkweed should be growing slower than farmed silkweed, because the latter is being specially tended to, bred, and so on. Another option would be to require your hearthlings to collect the seeds from wild silkweed before they can farm it (unless you specifically bring some with you). Could plant berries as well to grow your own too :slight_smile: .

I totally second that, including the option to plant berries ! :slight_smile:

I do agree that wild silk weed should take a lot longer than domesticated silk weed to grow. During my plays, it definitely felt odd that wild silk weed was regrowing like every other day or so.

Great I’ve been trying to find something to call the little guys, that works perfect.

Also I hope that they add a herbalist to the farmer branch that allows you to designate an area that they can “farm” berry bushes automatically. Maybe this same professions could be responsible for moving plants and getting further seeds from the wild.

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I don’t quite see the need for this as berry bushes are only meant to be an initial source of food while you build up your better food sources, weather it is by farming, trapping, or a mixture of both. It’d be counterproductive to keep collecting them as they provide a drastically reduced amount of hunger satisfaction compared to other food sources:

Berries: 10-12 satisfaction
Turnips: 20-24 satisfaction
Corn: 30-35 satisfaction
Jerky: 80-150 satisfaction
(First number is by itself, second is if eaten on a chair)

Unless Radiant adds some feature to somehow breed better berry bushes it seems counterproductive.

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Aside from “because I can” (sandbox game, remember!) “reasoning”, I’d be very surprised if cooking doesn’t make it into the game at some point. In which case there may be a use for berries beyond what we have now.

Just don’t forget the fact that it also takes precious coding time to add some of these “because I can” features in the game. Can’t make an infinite number of things possible with finite time :wink: Not saying that some of them shouldn’t make it in though.

Now this however is a better reason. Even just the ability to move berry bushes could aid in this. A nice little berry orchard that I can every once in awhile tell my workers to harvest would be very interesting. Though that’s probably just my play-style though, I don’t mind a little micro resource gathering here and there.

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Yeah, it’s nice to vary things a bit IMHO :slight_smile: .

True of course - however, if such code has to be added in anyway (and it already is, if you think about the flowers we can harvest & put down), it shouldn’t be too much additional work to add it to berry bushes. Obviously not zero time, but still.