Auto-harvest for Berry Bushes

It’s for long now that i’m asking myself if it’s possible to make Berry Bushes auto-havestable. Let me explain. A Farmer, after the corps are full developed, harvests the Fields and gets Items.

So my question is: when i’m creating an object, like Berry Bushes, it’s possible to add to this models also the auto-harvest option?

with own code …yes its possible … but without coding you can only make the berry bushes to an crop

Ahh you mean with lua? :frowning:

No matter :smiley: maybe i can find a solution for the next Update :wink:

like mentioned my best idea would be make 2 more forms of the berry bush and then add it as crop ^^ easiest and bestway like my opinion ^^

but wouldn’t that temporarily delete the bush between the harvesting en seeding. Depending on what @pingu tries to do that might break immersion.

thats correct but he could smaller the growthtime to compensate this ^^ but in the end it would be auto-harvest ^^

There is one huge problem I see: Berry Bushes are placed all over the map, so blind auto-harvest is certainly not an option as it would send Hearthlings into the wild without the player’s consent. A way to mark specific Berry Bushes for auto-harvesting would be necessary in order to avoid that.

Berry Bush crop idea is something I actively discuss here: Modding crops: regrow fruit, move to inventory, sapling spacing?

The berry bushes are only a example. I try to make some vedgetables like tomatos, crafted by hearthlings and harvestable. Without having the problem to destroy and replant the entire plant. But maybe i have a solution for that :wink:

what I would love for them to do is add a new job, a forager, picking wild plants regardless of their type. they would work exactly like the trapper, you place down an boxed area to mark the designated work space and they go to that area to harvest berries and herbs. maybe even make the tool for them be a transportable wheeled crate or something for them to place it all into and pull it back to town, empty the crate, and place it into a larger storage container. so the transportable crate would be able to hold closer to like a small pot or something maybe at most 16 items a small enough amount that they wouldn’t take long to unload it to go back to work. The foragers would also maybe be able to make juice from the berries and bundled silkweed or something for another production line.

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Forager would be awesome love the gathering of berries and shrooms in Banished

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RIGHT!? why don’t you do a banished let’s play!? get something like Colonial Charter or even the MegaMod from the workshop and just go crazy!