[Con] Unlimited berries-farming

**Title: **
There is a way harvesting unlimited berries from bushes

**Summary: **
With the newly implemented harvesting tool (area-harvesting) you are able to harvest berry-bushes eventhough they are already farmed and the new berries didn’t grow just yet again.

**Steps to reproduce: **

  1. Harvest the berry bush
  2. (mandatory) let the citizen bring the baskets to the stockpile
  3. select the bushes with the area-harvesting tool and they will be harvested again

**Expected Results: **
Berry-bushes shouldn’t be harvested unless the berries re-grew.

**Actual Results: **
You actually can harvest the empty bushes.

**Notes: **
None further


**Versions and Mods: **
Alpha3 Steam release
Mods --> none

**System Information: **
Intel i7-3770
AMD HD-7950


Edit: It seems this may actually be due to the berry bushes simply not showing they have regrown after being harvested from selecting them.

Example: (steps to reproduce)
I had harvested half of a set of berries with the harvest tool and half with clicking them. Over the same time period, the berry bushes that had been harvested with the harvest tool were showing new growth. However, all the bushes could be harvested with the harvest tool even though half were showing berries. I could only select-harvest the berry bushes that were visually showing berries.

I can confirm this happens, although it doesn’t seem to be happening over and over again for me. I can only do an extra-harvest once.

Yeah, I can confirm doing the extra harvest once.

thanks for the thorough report and the confirmations folks! :+1: