The ability to plant new trees and move unwanted bushes

currently in the game we have no way to regrow trees so once you’ve chop all of the surrounding trees down you have nothing to work with. so I think it might be a good idea to give the farmer or create a new class itself that has the ability to replant trees. as well i as thinking along the lines maybe or lumberjack or even a botanist. this class will have the ability to dig up unwanted bushes or plants near you so you can make room for buildings and replant them in a different location

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There is something coming along this line with farmers able to grow saplings and plant them to become trees. Stay tuned for it possibly arriving in the next alpha version.


If you want to watch the stream, it is still up. It starts around the 45 minute mark:

I still do want the ability to move bushes and wild silkweeds.


Being able to pot up smaller plants and either move them or grow them ornamentally for decoration would be a really good idea. Hopefully the next update will fix the silkweed farming issue (there are a lot of reports of silkweed being left to rot in the fields after the first harvest, or not being collected when harvested from wild plants), but it would be really good if we also got the ability to pot up individual plants from farming and place them as decorations. Pumpkins for Autumn, anyone?

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