Replanting Trees

I think it would be a good idea to have your workers collect seeds from the cut down trees. So you could order your settlers to re-plant the trees.


I’ve seen several suggested posts saying that implementing a Botanist class could collect said seeds and re-plant the trees! (So hopefully this helps)


just for info: at the moment they work on an automatic replanting - but i think it will need 2 - 3 more alphas before the release because its a big ressi eater :wink:


Trees just want good lives.
Trees just want new friends.
So soon, Radiant,
Get saplings implemented.


Dont need a job for this…
Add a animal for this… the squirrel … it is job for him :slight_smile:
I need more style of tree. and different shape.

exemple near my home (La France) :

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I was just about to add a topic about this when I saw your suggestion. I would love to be able to replant trees after I have harvested them, if even just to put trees around town after I have placed buildings.