Tree Sapplings and the planting

Hmmm i dont know the actual idea with the tree sapplings … i dont like it - there is to much micromanagment xD

I think the best way to sell this is a own class … perhaps forester … this class you can give an specifiy area 100x100 or so and he will use the sapplings automatically and plant trees over this area.


This is a suggestion right? Because i think you forgot to label it as such.


whoops ^^ yes you have right xD i have labeled it as general discus xD

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Yup I think a forester class would be great or just make the workers or farmers take care of the tree zones. It feels to micro manegy right now.

Actually I would like to have both options.
you have to farm those tree sapplings but after harvesting them you can setup an area where to plant those sapplings or you can manually plant each of them.
Planting single trees is a great addition.
I can build parks where I want now or just use trees for beautifying my houses/settlement.


thats sounds also like a great idea xD

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I don’t think it’s too much micromanaging.

Planting zone, yes. Random planting, no! “If that ****** forester plants a tree there again, I’ll plant him”. Can just see it, place a blueprint down to be built later. Dum-de-dum along comes the tree planting idiot smacks a sapling in the middle of the project. Wait for tree to grow to a harvestable height, cut it down, only to find he planted another.

just a little example … for a medium tree you get up to 9 wood … so if you want 24 wood you must set the farmer to sapplings, plant min 3 trees manually and later you must select the trees for cut down.

a normal house (tiny cottage) use 6 wood for the build and 4 for the furniture - so 10 ^^ but you doesnt only want to build houses etc. later in the game you need wood also for fires, electric etc. ^^ sooo you will plant lots of trees and trees manually just to hold your town at a normal level xD

at the moment its ok because there are lots of trees at the start and you doesnt need it :wink:


I think their system for planting trees, currently, is designed more for prettying your towns, although it can be used for foresting.

the first thing i thought of when you mentioned the forester class, was a guy who went around in a re-foresting zone and planted saplings at random locations inside that zone, just like the trapper does with the traps.

i think having the forester and manual sapling planting would be best, due to the above mentioned wanting to build parks etc.

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I think a better way would be to treat foresting land much like you would treat farmland - the forester will place saplings on certain tiles, roughly 6 tiles away from each other, in a grid-like fashion. I was also thinking to have trees grown by the forester capable of being uprooted and replanted, but then I remembered stonehearth trees are huge, so that’s a no-go lol. even so, the forester should just be able to make a 1-tile “farm”, plant a sapling, take care of it, and the “farmland” would be able to be clicked and there would be a checkbox there titled “cut down”. farmland with that checked will have their trees automatically cut down once they reach a certain size, while farmland that doesn’t will simply grow trees to their largest size and then stop

I think we should have both options (might as well be greedy), Selecting individual saplings and plant them anywhere you want, and a zone option for the Forester type class for logging operations. Win/Win.

Plus it would give a sense of progression. In the beginning the Forester can only re-plant individual saplings ding goes up a level and is now able to plant in a adjustable 2x2 plot and have it expand every level up to max level. At that level you can zone the max size for planting.

as per other classes, labour jobs are typically limited not by the amount they can do, but how fast/well they can do it. a lvl 0 logger would not be using the max plot size purely because there’s no way the logger would be able to monitor such a plot. at higher levels, the forester would likely get faster, chop trees with less swings, cause trees to grow faster when tending them, etc, allowing him to tend more based off of his own abilities rather than some silly make-shift limit that can be worked around by making several plots (if I set up 4 2x2 plots, I essentially have 1 4x4 plot anyway, and there’s no way to block that)

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just one edition when you make the zone, that you see ghosts of tree sapplings in the zone. so you know how many trees will be farmed. because of theirs size it might be hard to guess it, not like normal farms where this isnt needed. i also like the idea of @Soul of having both farming and single tree placing.


More or less this. Much like you select a type of crop when you create a farming zone, you’d select a size the trees should be cut down at when you create a plantation for the forester. They’d plant in a grid, much like a real plantation, monitor their growth and cut them down when they reach a certain yield.

Since trees require a lot of space, you’d need to lock the plantation zones to certain size multiples - probably a 9x9 area per tree. Since it requires so much area a single forester would likely be next to useless, so you’d need to allocate multiple foresters and probably supply a bedding area at the opposite end of it so they have somewhere to sleep. Perhaps they could have a variant on the regular “10% movespeed increase” trait that gives them both that and a 25% increase within plantation zones, so they can cover significantly more space (the latter at a higher level, perhaps third).

You’d also have manually planted trees, which act exactly like wild ones. Foresters ignore them unless ordered to cut them down.