Moveable Trees, like other plants

That is my suggestion … since I did not find anything like this … only to be able to “craft” plants or to build plants as cosmetic items but nothing like to be able to move trees like any other plant.

At Moderators:
I am sorry if I did miss a suggestion with the same topic … I did search for it but did not find it, if someone suggested this before.

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Hmmm i think that would be an idea for a new classic xD because i couldnt move a tree without killing it… So perhaps a gardener?

Moving fully grown trees could be one of the geomancer skills.
But you can already have trees placed (but not moved) anywhere, just grow some crops, get the saplings and plant it where you want.


I am using the mod but did not try out that profession … by the way a really good mod … but as for me, beeing able to move trees, like the other plants, should be in the vanilla game … oh I had an idea for a new topic.:bulb:

Yeah, I do this a lot but the tree grows to huge :frowning: and there are only two kinds of trees for that.

To block their growth, place something next to it. In the image, all those trees will not grow.


And middle size trees?

For middle sized, you can wait them grow to that stage, and then block them


Thanks, I seem to have missed that one, I will try it out
BUT it is still only a workaround :stuck_out_tongue: (never satisfied :wink: )


I don’t know. Moving entire trees around seems to be a bit too much. It makes sense for bushes and single plants. But fully grown trees?


Cosmetics :smiley:
Right now, I am teleporting trees to the Position where I want them to be.

Ah! So you are using magic :wink:


named magical dt


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MAGIC Ladies and Gentlemen MAGIC


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DT is the 21st century term for MAGIC, I guess :smiley:

Everytime I use the ‘teleport’ command, a voice in my head mumbles “TRANSVERSALIS” (a spell from The Dark Eye).

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Either moving trees or regrowing/replanting them – it seems that trees are a nonrenewable resource though wood can be acquired from merchants, so right now you can keep building – which is fine. But long term for city beautification it’d be nice if we could get trees (the various types) into the cityscapes again. I have only just started playing and searching isn’t coming up with much current/recent information so if it’s planned or I am just not far enough into the game my apologies – but I am about to clear cut a wide area for city planning and it’s going to be disappointing not to be able to have a park later. I realize geomancer is for terrain shaping but I don’t know if that includes trees/etc.

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Exactly my problem @khynnea, right now I am using the consol to teleport plants from the map border.

You can plant oak and acacia trees through your farmers. Just not the junipers or the pine trees, or the woody cactus. And you can keep the trees small or medium if you prefer by putting an item next to their trunk to prevent expansion and growth.


Once your farmers reach level 5, they can grow one type of sapling to grow new trees making wood a renewable resource, once a farmer reaches master you’ll get trade requests for new seed types which can inclue the other growable type of tree.


Thank you for the replies about farmers :wink: I had just been on my way here to reply that I learned as much – thanks both for taking the time to let me know. Google hadn’t been kind but my searches were not down the farming path either. And I think my farmers only got to level four before I folded on the last game due to city planning failures.

I did see a post referencing ‘how to keep trees small’ just wasn’t sure if that applied to in-world trees that were there at spawn, do they grow over time or always stay small etc.

I guess it’s off to leveling a farmer to see how much control we get over how planting saplings work! Very glad to learn that it’s an existing class by the way, happy not to have to have another class to manage for forestry work.