Limit Tree Growth size

I think it would be nice if the trees that we plant don’t all grow to the maximum size over time. It is impossible to replant an organic looking forest if every tree regrows to the maximum size. They all look the same and are significantly larger than the natural trees surrounding.

My proposal would be that tress are given some meta data on plant that determines their maximum growth size. This way you can replant tress if they haven’t grown to your liking, or cut down the large ones if you want a smaller forest.


ah, what the need are bushes and shrubberies, make the underside o the trees look nicer and less uniform


I control them by making small little planters made out of slabs. The trunk’s girth increases as it grows larger, so by limiting the max size of the trunk, you can effectively control the size of the tree. To get you started in your experimentation, I’ve discovered that a sapling requires a minimum of 6 spaces on all sides to fully mature. :slight_smile:


:pensive: I do believe the standard tree sizes are 6, 12 and 15 my good man :smirk:

Oh? :slight_smile: What do size 12 and 15 trees look like? I get fully mature trees at 6.

the medium is 12 and the 15 is large I believe

I wonder if you can limit their growth by placing something above the tree? greenhouses here we go


I think that for the 100 year old oak it’s the original 2 blocks in the middle plus 6 spaces on each side, or “6 + 2 + 6 = 14” (not 15). :wink:

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Ahh okay, so we were essentially saying the same thing different ways. Cool. :slight_smile:

thats really weird considering they take up 15x15 once they have fully grown, so how does the tree exist in between blocks? old trees defy the matrix? :open_mouth: maybe they become offset of their original location? walking trees :scream: if thats the case do they grow towards a random location? tree rng :astonished:

I have so many questions :grimacing:

They are odd number, when you plant it is simple 2x2, but later it grows into a 5x5 and all sizes later are odd, so there is always a center block.
And yes, in these newer versions you can limit their size simple blocking the space needed for their roots.
If you plant them too close, they will block one another and will not reach max size.


if its 2x2 there is no center block :confused: wat :confounded:

The (future) center block is one of the corner of the 2x2, it is the one block where your mouse clicks when placing the tree.

oh okay, so the first tree that is 2x2 and when its grows its then offset from that location? I still ask is it random which of those 4 blocks does it choose to be centered on when it grows?

I’m testing this atm…

Not random, as I said, the chosen center is the corner exactly at your mouse pointer. The block you click is a corner of the 2x2 and that block is the future center block when it gets an odd space.

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how you can work around it is by placing a single slab on or right next to the base once its reached the size you like. but yea that idea would be cool especially they add pine trees and such and my work around no longer works

I like this idea. I like to have small oak trees between and around buildings. I like growing large trees for the wood, but I like the small trees for curb appeal, so to speak. The small ones look nice situated around buildings, and dotting the landscape. If not the choice on how tall the trees grow, perhaps just the ability to replant small trees the same way we can replant wild silkweed, berry bushes, and flowers.

UPDATE: The ability to do this with the lovely little pine trees would be nice too. I love those!