Ornate or bonsai trees

So. Now, that we’ve acquired the power to plant trees wherever we want…


Can we have the option to choose that the planted tree is a bonsai?

I like to spice up my town with trees and since we have seeds now, planning a small park is much more enjoyable! The problem is, that the tree is still an uncultivated wild bastard and will grow to reach the sky in no time. How about having a button in the profile of the newly planted seed, to switch it to being cultivated? A farmer or maybe just somebody who has the Green Thumb trait could visit it every few days to work it. The tree would not grow to its max size, maybe only to the stage which makes it about two or three hearthlings tall. After it grows to this height, it would no longer need any attention (unlike real bonsai).


Currently there is a workaround: if an item is near the tree preventing any further trunk growth, the tree will stop growing until the obstacle is removed. So it is enough to place a flower or a piece of fence in the right position.
Although being able to switch tree growth on/off would be nice. Maybe something a farmer could do?


I did contemplate trying to make this, as I am very partial to potted plants and the like; so far I have managed a successful test where I got the potted tree to “grow”, but still been working out some of the aspects of it.