Some thoughts on tree planting

Title is self-explanatory. I’ll be explaining ways to expand the tree-planting system slated for alpha 12, as well as improvements on the current one:

  • Make the transaction from sapling to tree more gradual. It’s kinda weird to see what is basically a twig instantaneously turn into a tree.
  • Make the growing process slower. This is so I can’t make a mega-spammy tree-carpenter tycoon, as well as to make the tree seem more like an actual tree. That giant oak certainly took much longer than 20 days to become as big as it is.
  • Fruit/nut trees. Finally, we can have apples and stuff! Although there are fruit crops that could simply use a wooden peg instead (i,e. tomatoes and grapes) the trees are where it’s at. (Even though it would probably take a looooong time before the trees would bear fruit.)

Aaaaaand that’s all I have for now? You guys have any ideas? Then post it in this topic.


One thing that I’m still lobbying for (that I don’t believe I’ve heard an answer to yet) is some means to control the maximum size of the grown trees for the sake of landscaping/terraforming. In the case of Minecraft, we could simply add/remove blocks of wood and leaves to tailor them to our desires, but since Stonehearth currently (and likely never) will work quite this way, I’m hoping some sort of landscaping tools will arise.


Perhaps… druids? As in, druids that work similarly to geomancers in the way that they’re meant for outside-of-combat purposes like terraforming?

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May be with a profession like the Gardener. He may be able to shape trees and keep them at a chosen size. Plant gardens, trees and hedges, move berry bushes. Things like that. It may come from the farmer.

Have fun, Kyth.