Fruit growing galore!

Today, I was thinking about fruit. . I’ll talk about my fruit ideas. Here’s how I think fruit could work in Stonehearth:

  • Bushes: Similar to a tree, you would grow it in a normal farm plot until moving it to a new spot. Bushes, unlike most food sources, would not die after being harvested. To prevent people from making, like, 40 of them and spamming them, they take a fair amount of resources to maintain, and grow/produce fruit a tad bit on the slow side compared to other crops.
  • Vines: Carpenters would have to craft wooden pikes. Once you have these wooden pikes, farmers can grow things like grapes and tomatoes on them. They do survive more than one harvesting, but eventually do whither after a while. You could also have Blacksmiths/Masons make those huge grates you put on the side of walls, and farmers could grow decorative vine to put on them.
  • Trees: Probably the hardest-to-grow but the most rewarding, fruit trees take a while (As in months-years) to grow and yield fruit, and only yield fruit in the right season, but when they do, it is glorious. Fruit is produced in plentiful amounts, is good-tasting and good for your hearthlings, and also is used in many a recipe.

I like this a lot :smile:. Really well thought out. Maybe I could make some trees or bushes. But i imagine it would look a lot better if you add the real fruits to the tree instead of a 2d image on it. So when you grow the tree you see the fruits grow on it instead of a 2d colored voxel on it (If that makes any sense :sweat_smile:).