Lets talk crops!

Because of the upcoming release of the cook, I thought this might be a worthy topic. Perhaps in the future we could have unlockable crops? Let me explain. Let’s say, you wanted to grow grapes. But your farmers can’t plant that! However, if you found a wild grape plant and harvested it, you would be able to grow grapes from then on forward. Speaking of grapes, here are some fruit crops you could grow on normal farmer plots:

  • Grapes
  • Tomatoes
  • Watermelon
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapple

Perhaps we could also have food that could only grow in specific environments? For example, coconuts and such could only be grown in tropical areas, etc., etc. Also, some plants, such as grapes, would require your carpenter to make pikes for! (Also, we need salt and pepper!)
Now, just for the fun of it, I’ll make descriptions for all the crops I just named off!

Grapes- After the plant itself is done growing, a fast growing crop. Decently satisfying, but rots somewhat quickly.
We should hire a brewer soon!
Tomatoes- After the plant itself is done growing, a fast-ish crop. Hearthlings flat-out refuse to eat them, unless there is nothing else around, or the cook prepares them in some way. Rot at a slow-ish rate.
Salt it. Then, we can talk about it’s edibility!
Watermelon- Grows at a slow rate. Inedible, unless your cook cuts them, which allows for their consumption. When cut, they are cut into multiple servings. Rots slowly when uncut, and at a medium rate when cut.
Perfect for a break after a long, sweltering summer day.
Raspberries- After the bush is done growing, it’s like berries in a lot of ways, except they are somewhat tastier, especially when sweetened. rots quickly. Useful in some baker recipes.
Ya know, I thought it was gonna be some-what new, when you said "New crop!"
Blueberries- After the bush is done growing, it’s like berries in every virtually every aspect, but hearthlings get upset about them quicker. Rot at a medium rate. Useful in some recipes.
Just put it in a fruit salad!
Strawberries-After the bush is finished, a medium-rate growing crop, but is sweeter than any other berry, and goes well with other stuff. Rots quickly.
Yammy, yammy!
Pineapple-Like the watermelon in the sense it has to be prepared, but it only serves one hearthling. Useful in an extensive amount of recipes. Rots slowly when unprepared, quickly when prepared. Grows exclusively in tropical climates. Poisonous when eaten unripe.
No sponges here.

That’s all for now folks, next time we’ll be talking about herbs!


unlockable crops are planed :wink: at the moment there is a substring in the simplecaravan for this xD


What about Sandwich crops? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That would be… delicious


And why not wheat or rice? Wouldn’t they make sense and open a lot of possibilities for cook’s recipes? And brewer’s too…

Have fun, Kyth.

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True, true that. But I haven’t gotten to the subject of grains yet! I still have to go through herbs and such!

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I do believe the dev team is focusing on barely instead of wheat and rice

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barley is a known thing, but its not known whether it will replace wheat and such, or just be along side those other crops.

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Consider it an idea… A very intriguing idea… hmmmmm


Watermelon you say ??


Hermmmmmm… It’s either you modded it in, or froggy did!

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Is that a table on top of another table?

It was me all along. I like my watermelon slice.

Yeah…but they finished building as soon as lunch ended.


Potatoes would be nice to add in the game, don’t you think?

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Veggies will come soon enough you wascaly bag! I still have to do herbs, which I’ll post now!

Herbs would be a crop that would not come in your starting bunch. They would be somewhat rare, to ensure that you don’t get an herbalist too early. Some Herbs would be useful only in cooking, others in both cooking and herbalist powders and such, and some only in herbalist powders. Here are a few examples…
(Also, as a little side note, herbs would have a more flat plot when planted)

Catnip: used for a variety of pets, tea (which would be a basic herbalist recipe) and the occasional powder or two. Must be dried before use.
Basil: Almost exclusively used for cook recipes
Thyme: Cooking and alchemy alike
Gregar (this one I made up): A rarer, more magical herb. Used for alchemy exclusively.
Sage: Used in culinary and alchemy recipes, but more alchemy. Has an earth affinity
(This is the point at which I made some more specific searches)
Elder: Used for powders and other things, such as tea, with powerful regeneration abilities. Spoils quickly.

Any other ideas for herbs? Please, then, do tell, and I’ll see ya later!

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