Farmer Efficiency

Okay so I just have a question or 5 about farmers and their crops :joy:

  1. How many 11x11 farms can 1 farmer alone maintain?
  2. Im assuming whatever number that is then it would be doubled for 2 farmers yea?
  3. Would Ascendancy Farmers be able to plant the Golden Gourd Crop that Rayya’s Children can? I believe Gourds are able to grow in forests and stuff too :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. Will Rayya’s Children have more crops later? Like Watermelons (Which do surprisingly well in desert climates ;)), Peppers, and even Pomegranates?
  5. Last Question, Will farmers be able to grow berry bushes or apple trees like certain mods allow? (I’m not a fan of modding a game until the game is fully out, that’s why i ask :sweat_smile:)
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  1. Depends on your farmer levels. Don’t know a lot about that, but 1 for 11X11 or two seems right for me
  2. We’ll see later when they’ll be more people and links between them
  3. Same. Those guys will be improved of course
  4. :neutral_face:
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  1. Well what about a level 6 farmer?
  2. I hope so, that would be great
  3. Yea because i was looking at the town journal and everyone complains about eating the same stuff, they need to deal with it :joy:
  4. What?
  1. A level 6 normally supports two 11X11. You may confirm this by testing.
  2. RC is at its beginning so there’s only an improving path :wink:
  3. Try to burn all your basic food by cooking.
  4. I don’t know :grin:
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  1. Well in that case ill need 7 level 6 Farmers to have 2 11x11 farms of every usable crop
  2. Awesome ^-^
  3. Oh crap, that’s a great idea
  4. :laughing:
  1. I would say 3 farms 11X11 may be good for two Lvl 6 farmers. Personally I have six 11X11 and some saplings well treated by 5 farmers and it’s perfect, maybe too much but whatever.
  2. I always try to keep at least 10 soups even though they cannot be crafted now, so that there’s never much basic food :smiley:
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  1. So that would mean I need 4-5 level 6 farmers for 14 11x11 farms, awesome
  2. Alright, Ill try to do that

Right now I have around 25 people, with one 11x11 farm for each food type, except for corn which is very slow so I have two of those. I also have one row (1x11) of wheat (for cooking) and another 1x11 row for silkweed.

I just had to add an extra farmer, was 4, now they are 5.

Keep in mind there is a sweet spot. Too many farmers is a waste and too few makes it not only slow, but risks spoiling the crops even before they harvest.
When I played with RC, I had 1 farmer for 4 farms, and those crops were rotting because the farmer didn’t have time to pick everything fast enough :stuck_out_tongue:

My farmers seem to be doing better. I have 1 farmer support 3 10X10 fields. I always make sure my farmer has 6 on their heart stat. That’s with level 1 farmer.

Great discussion guys! One quick note, farming efficiency will be changing in a major way for Alpha 14, as @yshan has fixed a bug where farming was using two different AI systems (one for planting, another for everything else). Ideally, efficiency will go up (if it doesn’t then we likely have another bug), so don’t rely too much on these numbers next Alpha!


Speaking of the next alpha, when will it be released? if its soon then im just not gonna bother making 5 farmers and just wait until then XD My trapper is supplying us enough food for now

There is no official release date yet for Alpha 14. The current plan is to release it before the end of the month, but that can always change if any major issues come up before that.

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Okay thats 20 days so looks like im making those farmers XD

If you play a lot each day, please do it :grin:
If you make 11X11 for all the plants (flowers and trees included) you should do it with 6 farmers until the Alpha.

  1. A level 6 normally supports two 11X11. You may confirm this by testing.

That’s not really true, if not true at all, because you have slow growing fields, very slow growing fields and fast growing fields. Of course, very slow growing fields need less harvest, so will be fine with few farmers, and that’s of course absolutely not the case with fast growing.

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With lvl 6 farmers, you should only have fast growing fields.
Again, I don’t know the ratio that’s just a suggestion. I didn’t and won’t think about it :wink:

If you have equal amounts of farms, you will easily notice that corn has half the amount of other foods in stock, so they have very different growth rates.

I threw down 1 farmer to 4 11x11 farms and they maintained it really well, might have taken them a while to have all 4 running at full capacity but they seemed fine and I always have food for everyone.

I have one level 3 farmer maintaining 6 10x10 fields it does take a while to harvest all the fields though