Farms keep rotting!

I’m having an issue with my farms rotting, I just remove the farmland when the food rots and add a new one, but I was wondering if there is a way to prevent this from happening?

My farmers take along time to remove the rotted crops and plant new ones…

to prevent farms roting assure you will always have a ratio 1 farmer for 3 or 4 fields no more.

You’ve got too many fields for how many farmers you have. They can’t get to the field in time and thus they rot.

Thanks for the advice, I did probably have a few too many farms to be honest, I’ve started a new game so I will try less farms per farmer.

I actually find 4 7x7 fields seems to be ideal for one or two farmers

I’ve currently got a 6 farms of various sizes depending on what resources I need the most, and that’s working pretty well for 2 farmers.

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When you promote a cook they also do some farming