Farmers > Farms > Heathlings ratio help

To put it bluntly, I was wondering if anyone knows the perfect (or near perfect) ratio of farmers > farms > hearthlings. I usually make 1 farm for most crops, and that gives me a pretty big surplus of food early on, then as i grow i struggle to maintain the surplus. So i was wondering what ratios i should use to keep a little bit extra food > hearthling, and not have an extreme abundance or lack of the food.

I think 1 farmer for 2 full farms is good enough.
Though, I have very few farms. Just 2 11x11 (full) corn, 1 11x11 wheat, and then one row of each food type, which basically equals to another 11x11 farm. No plant or tree farms as I don’t need them (I harvest wild plants and buy wood in market). That’s why in 31 hearthlings, I have only 2 farmers. But, I have 3 cooks. Sometimes they help in the farms too, but as I kept a maintain order of 20 of each cook food, they are always busy.