Haveing a ratio of 62 items growing to 1 farmer

is this intended? I have 560 items of food growing and to make sure it all gets harvested before it goes bad I need 9 farmers.
50 turnips
50 carrot
50 golden gourd crop
50 pumpkin
50 silkweed
25 bright bell flower
25 front snap flower
100 corm
150 wheat

if I have less than 9 farmers things go bad before they are harvested

Why you need so much food?

I have only 4 11x11 farm plots, with 2 farmers and 3 cooks, for a 32 hearthling population.
Basically one for corn, which is necessary in a lot of recipes.
2 for wheat, which is even more necessary.
The last is made from rows of each food item. Except for carrots, which I use 3 rows, cause there are some specific recipes that uses carrots instead of any vegetable.

No herb, fiber or wood farms. Fiber I have plenty from sheep wool, and herbs are simple not required at all for me, except in a few decorations, but then I can simple harvest the wild ones. Wood I simple buy from the many market stalls I have.

With this setup I’m already way above the requirements for the next immigrant. Maintaining 20 of each cook recipe.

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@BrunoSupremo May I ask if your 11x11 farm plots are actually 11 lots of 11 x 1 farm plots?

Basically you need to optimise the time each farmer spends harvesting each plant, or in other words reduce the amount of time your farmers spend walking.

Put all your farms in the same place. Put them near the dinning room and where the cook is located.
Also put the farmers beds really close to the farms.
Put storage next to your farms that only allows raw food and have it so that is the only storage that allows raw food.

You don’t actually have that many farms only about 9-10 11x11 plots worth, which is 4-5 11x11 plots if you use the cheaty way to do it.

Last note if you are using people with 1 or 2 body yes you are going to need 9 - 10 hearthlings to do it, using people with 5 or 6 body you’ll only need 3 or 4 max.

Hearthlings with low body aren’t useful for anything really, as body effects a hearthlings movement speed, only the crafters that aren’t bottlenecks like the weaver or a herbalist are fine to have low body.

No, they are the full dragged rectangle up to 11x11 :slight_smile: , meaning that I have those empty rows between the crops. (for the corn and wheat, that is 3 farms)
Except on the case where I mentioned I used one row of each food type, in that case, it is exactly that, a single 11x1 row of a food, than another of other food, etc… But summing it all, it is almost equivalent to another default 11x11. (a 11x11 has 6 rows of crops, I have 1 for pumpkin, 1 turnip, 1 gourd, 1 watermelon, and 3 carrots)

This with 2 farmers and 3 cooks is perfect for me. (the cooks barely help in the farms though, they are too busy cooking, maintaining 20 orders of each food recipe is hard, they barely stop)


Nice setup there, impressive you can feed 32 hearthlings off of just that :smiley:

It is all thanks to the cooks. Raw farms are the worst, you need to keep producing a lot and it all goes to waste as they decay and rot and disappear. Cooking food is way better. You can feed more with less, and it is worth a lot more, meaning that you can get new immigrants with just a few food items instead of hundreds of raw crops.