Problem with the food?

I don’t understand the food management. I have 5-6 11x11 food stockpiles that are FULL and when i need to get a new guy/girl they say i don’t have enough food… + at the tab where u can see your networth and food my food is at 9.7 and above and its still not enough … ?!?

It’s a bit unclear atm, but the Food number in your town overview is how happy the people are about the food they are eating. The number you need to get more hearthlings is different. It’s the value of all the food you have. So if you have piles of very cheap food, you won’t do as well as when you have piles of very valuable food.

Right now, the most valuable foods are jerky and corn. So with your farmer/s it is best to grow only a little amount of carrots, turnips and pumpkin to get started and then invest heavily in corn. It’s also a good idea to get your trapper going bringing in meat. He’s a solid source of food, especially when he reaches higher levels.

This advice will change when the Cook is added to the game.


Well, at the beginning of the game, I woukd expect for this advice to hold true until you get a cook. Once you’re able to promote someone to a cook, it would be wise to convert some of your corn plots back to the pther foods if you converted them at all.


well i have like 80 % corn and the rest is jerky… cant wait for the cook :smiley:

Corn is op.
Also what # hearthling are you trying to get right now?