Food Storage? Best balance Tips!

I have a question about your Game-Strategy. My Food Storage after a while is every time full. Also when i try to reduce the number of the single Food Elements by cooking them.

Someone has an idea for a functional Balance between production and use?

I usually go for a maintain 5 of every food item per 10 hearthlings. And thnen build 5x5 farm. Starting at one for each vegetable. Then add plots when my cook starts running out of ingredients


I maintain 10 (though Quryx’s 5 would probably be more reasonable) of each dish my cook can make, 5 of each animal feed, and usually 6-10 of each type of ground up grain wheat/corn so I have some ready for bread.

The thing I’ve found that helps is when your farmers level up they get a perk for Bountiful Harvests so you can drop the number of rows ya have of each veggie. I usually start off with a single 11x11 plot of individual rows with 4/4/3 of the first 3 veggies and then go ahead and set up a few more 11x11 plots that remain fallow since the farmers have time in the beginning before crops need to be harvested. That way ya have a ready spot for grains, herbs, and saplings. Once your farmers hit level 3 start to get some of your initial veggie rows. Drop 1 of each and then more if ya still have too much food. Make sure to stay on top of consolidating your wheat too. You can always vendor the bales of hay if you’re not gonna use em for decoration and your cook is still getting the xp from making the bale as opposed to selling the wheat individually.


I just maintain a specific amount of each cook dish, like 4 pies or 8 fried poyos, 16 bread and the like, regardless of how many hearthlings I have. All of my excess wheat, vegetables, and jerky go into some infinite numbers of soups and bales that I sell a large portion of when I start to run out of designated food space. If you get too much food between vendor visits, you could build some stalls. The only thing with that logic is that eventually you’re going to be too rich for your own good and have a bajillion moneys.

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