"Daily Updates" lacking on food

It used to be the money but now its the food, is there any way you can make the food go faster?

Just always start of with a good way of getting food, like farmer, or trapper. You will always miss a couple of daily updates. I don’t think you can avoid missing it. But if you keep up the production with plenty of farming areas and farmers, you should be fine.

Thx for reading :smile:


I’m at 26 hearthlings, and I had 15 of each food type (made by the cook), it was not enough, so I increased to 20 of each kind.

Better food has higher value, like 1 roast mutton is worth many berries, so don’t waste your time with berries, crops and low level stuff.


Having more than one cook can help if you have enough hearthlings. And set them to maintain a bunch of foods, like Bruno says if it still isnt enough increase the number.


The key to reaching 50 population, as I have done many a time, is to have 3 farmers, 2 Cooks and 2 Trappers and a Shepherd.

Have the farmers farm veggies and corn (2 full size farms of each vegetable and 3 of corn will do it)
Have a large Poyo farm, with around 12-15 poyos
Have the cooks cooking up and keeping the inventory full with x50 of the veggie stew, meat stew, also peasant bread and omelets
Give the trapper ample land to trap and do his thing to keep a constant flow of jerky.

This will knock both the food and wealth and also happiness of your loyal citizens up and allow you to quickly get to 50.

Later on, when you have enough people, (around 35-40) add another shepherd and after adding rabbits, turn the trapper into a shepherd. and have another farm of around 8 - 10 sheep and another of rabbits (18 - 20).

Keep harvesting the rabbits and sheep down to 2 members from full stock to ensure quick recovery.

This will take you up to 50. Keep mining and building stuff (items and buildings) and make an army to hold back the enemy hoards.