Do cooking ingredients count towards your score?

Do cooking ingredients count towards your score? So like Bale of Wheat, Poyo Meat, Sack of Flour, Eggs, or Corn Meal… do those count toward you food score for getting the next hearthling ?

Yes, and it is really overpowered. I order my 3 cooks to maintain 20 of each food type, and that generates enough score for 30 hearthlings. Raw food from farms are basically nothing, I keep my farms small so everything produced gets used by the cooks.

Interesting strategy; thank you!

How many farmers do you have with this setup?

Got a screenshot of your farm layout?


I had 2, but my computer lags a lot at 30 hearthlings, so I promoted a third to help.
My farms are a little messy now that I moved things around, but this is equivalent to what I have:

2 full wheat farms, cause we need a lot to grind into flour and also to feed animals (I have a lot of animals)
1 full corn farm, it is needed in many recipes and also for animals.
Than 1 row of each food type just for the sake of variety.
Except carrots, which I go with 2 rows, cause as corn, there are recipes that requires that specific food instead of any vegetable.
I do not have farms for fiber and herbs, those are barely needed and I harvest wild in the world, and fiber can be replaced with wool. Tree farms are useful at the start, but once you get big and rich, you can simple buy the wood.

Though I noticed that I’m lacking at the corn, too many poyos, not enough merchants to buy from, and lagged farms and farmers resulted in the lack of resources, so I’m building a second full corn farm.


Great stuff; thanks man!