[Con] 2513 + 2521 Farmers not tilling field completely

With 1 or two farmers, 3 or more fields designated by zone, food rates stop farmers from completely tilling the other fields. Quite often, when 6 zones are involved with two farmers, they will stop after a strip. Once I can upload, I will post screenshots.

To replicate:
Start the game with the Farmer’s Hoe. Immediately assign a carpenter and a farmer. Have the carpenter (after clearing the area) make a second hoe. While the hearthling is doing this, assign 3 zones for farming - carrots, corn and some other vegetable. By the time you assign your second farmer, the corn field should have gaps and both farmers will be harvesting carrots.

Often, since 2513.

I have the same thing happen pretty consistently in the early game. I think the problem breaks down to priorities for the farmer. Once they get some plants growing they are going to want to harvest things that come up before they continue plowing new fields.

It just ends up that things ripen before they can get all their other tasks done. I’ve found that in the latest versions I end up needing 4 or 5 farmers to tend to an equal number of plots. I think they changed the food ripen times so that you could get enough food to get a new hearthling by the 2nd day.

I don’t think its actually a bug but rather too big a workload for 1 or 2 farmers. I’ve found I have better luck getting full fields if I assign the fields one at a time. I wait for the first field (usually 10x10) to be completed and then assign another field. Then I repeat for the 3rd field. I end up assigning extra farmers by the time I am getting to a 4th field.

Hope that helps :grinning:

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thanks for the report @Falkkon … and the confirmation/additional details @MicrobeMan:+1:


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MicrobeMan is right, if you do let’s say 6 11X11 field to a single farmer, there is some chances he won’t be able to fill them until lvl2 or 3.
Personally I find this quite good, it shows well the experience coming with time!