Farmers work diffrently

In my world when I assigned two farmers, one was plowing, the other was planting. Before Alpha 11 the farmers would plow all the assigned fields and THEN plant. I don’t know if this is a bug or deliberately programmed. Just wanted to let you know.

I just noticed they also instantly plant.

this is intended. rather nice if you have more then 4 farm plots.


I also just saw they plant as soon as they harvisted.

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that is also intended.

Still issues if you got more than two farmers, though.


how come its nice? its actually useless and stupid… why? because even if i have many farm plots and they all started harvesting they all stop what theyre doing and run straight to the 1st farmer who has harvested 1 produce… the truth of this matter is only ONE REAL FARMER IS HARVESTING and the OTHERS ARE JUST PRETENDING TO HARVEST theyre just waiting on whoever harvest the 1st then just go and replant it whether if the diff farm plots are 1 screen away… so stupid