Farm Assignment

So I have a farming area specific for food, and I would like to make a separate area specific to herbs and fibers. To manage that many farms I will need another farmer. But having my three farmers going in between two different farming areas. I also have kitchen to store food, a weaver to store fiber, and a herbalist to store herbs, I feel like my food would start to rot before it gets picked. Because this would just be so inefficient, I think we should be able to assign farmers to fields. I’m not saying it should just be a copy and paste of the bed claiming system. Multiple farmers should be able to be assigned to the same field. Furthermore a single farmer should be able to be assigned to multiple fields. Obviously this would also have to be possible with Cooks, since they can also do farming stuff.


This is something the developers are aware of and it have been discused before on the discourse. You might find more info on this by using the searchfunction up in the righthand corner :merry:

I do agree with this idea and i hope when the developers come around to give farming a second look and makeover, that it will be part of the new system.