Suggestions for farmer class

In light of the on-going farmer problems where having 2 seems inefficient, I wanted to make a suggestion or two on how the situation could be resolved. I was thinking it would be really cool if you could designate a farmer to specific fields where only they can interact with the field and later on you can add farmers to help that farmer. This way you don’t have farmers picking the same crop and having 1 of them be almost useless. This allows players to choose what kind of farmer they want to have, i.e. a Silk weed farmer or strictly a corn farmer maybe even a farmer who specializes in flower growing. This creates fun little scenarios for players if one of the farmers is slacking off or if there is a star farmer in the mix. That’s all for my sugesstion so far, thanks for reading and any feedback/improvements would be appreciated! - Time


Hey @Time,


There’s already a planned “Designate Ownership” feature for beds and or houses and personally, I think you’re right on the money for what else should be included with that.

Additionally, just to add on a little here, I think this feature would be great for specific shepherds and their pens.

But yeah, great idea buddy!