An idea for farming - Zones and Designation

Hi there! New poster here so sorry if I format this badly.

I was thinking of the systems already in place and ways to make farming more organized and possibly better.
Could you use the systems you have for military to assign plots to “Zones” and then a child assignment system again for adding farmers to each zone.

Then have them work their own zones only; even when nothing is left to do, let them haul! (unless people would prefer to allow them to help other zones after… but personally id have Vegetables/Flowers in different zones further away from each other)

I hope I have made sense, and let me know what you guys this :slight_smile:


If I had my way…
Make a farming plot:

  • All plots at default are open to every farmer initially
  • Option to assign plots to individual Farmers
    [If] Farmer(s) is assigned a plot the Farmer(s) will only work that/their plot till there is nothing left to do.
    [Then] Assist farmers of other plots.
    [If]Nothing is left for the Farmer(s) to do follow normal default tasks.

[If] a plot is set for flowers and you don’t have a herbalist Farmer(s) will tend those plots.
[If] you have a Herbalist they will take over from the Farmer(s) and tend those plots in their place.
Don’t allow Farmers the option to plant/tend Flower plots and only allow Herbalist to set zones/plots for the growing of flowers.

tbh: I think Herbalist should be the only ones that can grow non-food plants (but that is probably just me).


I like the idea of Herbalists doing the flowers for sure! It feels like it makes more sense too, in my mind a farmer wouldn’t go out and collect herbs for medicinal use; nor the specialization for knowing the herbs to grow.

The other idea though. While I like the idea of assigning plots in the early game, I feel like it will become overwhelming pretty quickly. End game you have a lot of different plots, you would need a LOT of farmers :frowning:
Thats why I was thinking of putting into zones how the military have “Parties” so you could split up more efficiently :slight_smile:

I’d ideally like to see a “Woodcutter” specialization from farmer or maybe even the stage before Carpenter too so we can zone areas (like a trapper) to automatically plant, cut and replant trees. It feels really unfair that our farmers are tending to not only food, but flowers and trees too

I’d also like to see Herbalists growing the flowers (and future ingredients) and not in a tilled field, but in a garden bed sort of thing. That way it’d be prettier, also it’d be like the medieval stereotype of monks having impressive herb gardens.

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Yeah it would be pretty cool actually, maybe having a planter as a “work table” for herbalist at level X, make them pick wild ones until then possibly?


Making a herb garden would be awesome!