Zones mechanics

It seems like it’s usually more efficient to create 1x11 farm plots rather than regular big ones, at least early on before the amount of tasks causes game performance to drop.

Why not increase growth efficiency of crops depending on the amount of open spaces directly surrounding it? That would reward placing farms in nice open areas, and it’d make you think about what you put next to them.

Also, when placing small bits of farm to fill irregular areas, they can come out asymmetrical, which doesn’t looks great. Wouldn’t it help to be able to merge or expand existing zones so they come out nicer and use their space a little better? That would also mean less separate tasks active.

Lastly, would it be good if you could see where objects will go in the zones you make before you finish placing them, and rotate them while you’re at it?


this could be interesting if plants in a smaller space then required more fertilizer and controlled water

this also makes me think that sometimes a pumpkin or bigger plants should take up more than 1 block when fully grown, so that creating a farm is more interesting to balance the use of your space vs care required

Concerning the zones (as well as any container) should display the content filter gui before confirming placement. I feel like I have to watch my Hearthings with extreme diligence to make sure that as soon as they place a chest I can change the content filter before they just shove every random item in there.
I did start to farm in 1x11 plots myself. There should be some incentive to keep plot number down. TBH it hasn’t bugged me up to this point.

In your settings, you can set it so that the content-filter is set to “none” as default.
This will prevent them from just shove every random item in there. :slight_smile:


There are many exploits in the game like this. Piles are another one, where you can harvest a pile for 17 of the material, and still sell the pile for full price. They’ve been brought up before, with the devs saying they eventually want to address them, but honestly, they’re pretty low on the list.


You SIR… Are my hero. May your trappers succeed with abundance!