Ideas for Farming

So, I know a lot of people find large farms inefficient, because the Furrows ‘waste’ a row of planting space to do… well, nothing. My idea is essentially:
Give people the option to furrow or not, with there being a bonus to efficiency, or ‘fertility’ of the field if it’s furrowed.
Or something of that ilk. I feel that just making farms line-by-line would make it really easy to amass food, yet many people just use the trick to bypass it anyway. So perhaps you guys can make the option available, so people can say ‘Maybe I want larger harvests’ or ‘I would like harvests a bit smaller, but slightly more often’

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I get where you’re coming from with this, but I think the space between the crops is rather necessary. The game would look incredibly cluttered with single line by single line of crops everywhere, and while you CAN do this if you want to, I’m not sure it should be something that’s given to you as an option. Also, thinking in realistic terms, all farmers leave space between rows of crops as well, because the roots need space to grow out.

There’s a mod that solves this: Dense Fields.