Fields, Furrows and Farming

So my hopes for this topic is to find out what the functions are regarding the furrows in fields. As y’all will know, you zone out a farm and your farmer will till a field, with an order starting with farming dirt, followed by a furrow. My question is, does anyone know the actual purpose of these furrows? My hopes is that there is some yet-to-be implemented agricutural boost regarding them, i.e., pumps add water and fertilizers to the furrows and it helps the adjactent soil mounds grows plants.

'cause if this ain’t the case, as it is in the current build, it’s more efficient to zone out vertical line farms so each and every “farm” is mound ready to grow plants on c:

Whaddaya y’all think, have I missed any news? c:


i think your basically right although i don’'t think there’s been anything set in stone yet.

farming is indeed one of the first systems that had been discussed as having (eventually) multiple options for efficiently… the basic idea being, the player can at one end, plop down a “simple” farm and get “average” yields…

while another player who wants to maximize their farming could opt for implementing irrigation systems and/or other farming related steps above and beyond the “simple” farm, in order to increase the crop returns…

we don’t yet know the specifics, but we do know this was one of the early design intentions… :+1:

edit: had to blow the dust off this one… :smile: