Farms: fallow fields, crop rotation

I did not want to put this in the “Suggestions” category because I’m almost certain this has already been discussed and I just was unable to find where it was. I did find this and this. They’re not so much new ideas as just requests for information on what has already been reported elsewhere that I have forgotten about and lost track of.

My question is: Are there already plans to make fallow fields useful? The current description kind of suggests it already is and perhaps replenishes the dirt so that it goes from poor to fair to good etc., as also per @Zurukin’s interpretation. Is this just planned for the future (as it does not seem to happen yet, unless I was too impatient when I tried it out)? Or will fallow farms have another purpose, or none at all other than to leave it available for a crop to be decided for it later on? (Incidentally, perhaps the description can be reworded at least for the time being to avoid such player confusion?)

If fallow farms will have a purpose, are there also plans for crop rotation and the like, so that you can ensure that all farms are eventually allowed to replenish by being fallow? Perhaps just sequentially, or per season (once these get added)?


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