Future Farming Implements

Just want to ask a couple quick questions as to the future of farming in Stonehearth - I tried searching up some of these but I couldn’t find anything recent

  1. In the future, with seasons and weather implemented, will crops take longer - much longer - to grow instead of only a couple days?

  2. With seasons, how will that affect farming? Will crops die in harsh conditions, yet squash (like pumpkin and others if implemented) could survive just a bit better? Would seasons affect harvest bounty and such?

  3. I’ve heard in some places that crops will require a source of water, but with weather, would rain serve as irrigation? Would, once again, some crops fare better than others with less rain?

Any information on this would be appreciated, if it’s known. If someone happens to know the current plans/future plans for things like this, whether they are decided upon or not, would also be welcomed. Thanks!

If we follow a certain logic, what you say will be implemented.
The crops don’t grow at the same speed during Winter or Summer. We can imagine turnips grow faster during Summer and Pumpkins during Winter.
The season system is certainly not a simple aspect of the game. They/We must talk about how it can affect the crops, in what condition they’ll be growing/decaying.
And I don’t even know if it is planned for the next month or the next year :slightly_smiling:
Correct me if I said mistakes.

There should be pretty much nothing growing in the darker winter days, so you should stock up on food before winter and probably have some animals as food source.

Edit: No idea about desert biomes though. Maybe they could turn it around and make the summer so hot, that hardly any vegetables grow. Don’t know what’s realistic.

That’s what I’ve been thinking. That’s really cool that they will/might/would put something like that in. IMO, it’s way too easy to get food.

I think that’d be kind of nice if you had to rely on stockpiled crops and the trapper during the winter. There just needs to be a way to preserve food through long periods of time

The food is really easy to get. But let them have more time, they’ve already improved the combat system which is now pretty hard. The food will be less available in the future of course :slightly_smiling:

While I really love the updates to combat, I honestly think that it’s still a little too easy. The implementation of the Herbalist, and the changes to health regeneration that come with it, are really neat. There really isn’t any downtime to having a Hearthling require medical attention. If anything, only one footman will be injured enough in an attack in the early game to warrant medical attention, and then they just go to a bed for a minute before being insta-healed back to full.

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Yeah the beginning may be hard but once you got the Herbalist or two footmen it starts getting easy.
There will be more balanced updates for this but now I think they’re trying to solve the bugs.

I still find the game too easy even when just starting a world :stuck_out_tongue: 1 footmen with a shield

The very beginning is easy because you only got 3 little Ants. But if you stay with this lonely guy, you’re gonna be overwhelmed quickly :grin:

Then i just get another footmen with a shield :smiley:

Wow, you are really smart :smirk:
If you want a challenge, stay with two footmen with the wooden sword and the basic shield :slightly_smiling:

Well i never said i stayed with the basic shield and sword…

The giant bone axe is cheating, don’t try this at home.
Then you’re not at the beginning :no_mouth:

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