Farming Mecanics

I have been playing Stonehearth for a while now and i always see this happening. The farmer harvest less than half the field and then replants more seeds and then leaves it there. So there’s a loss of food because the farmers leave the food to rot. So i would like to suggest a better way to do it. How i see it, the farmers should harvest the entire field before replanting, make it obligatory, so there will be less waste of food and it’ll go in pair with the “2 meals a day” you added in the unstable version of Alpha 20.


I would also suggest to give player the ability to make some plots “protected”, preventing farmers from harvesting them at all.
This will allow to

  • Keep plots as a “reserve” without harvesting them (we assume that the pants growing in the field do not rot)
  • Keep plots for aesthetics (like flowerfields)

a way I get around this is just create more farmers, it seems to work for me when this happens

I’d rather see it be like: Harvest crop, plant crop, move, harvest, plant, move


That’s basically what i said, well maybe it wasn’t clear.

The way you said it, you want them to harvest the entire field first, then replant. Mine would be plant by plant, harvest and plant, then next spot, for the whole field. I was meaning a 1x1 in a 11x11 crop area, not entire 11x11 ^^

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I like the idea of a high level farming buff is that Farmers have a tiny chance to get a CRITICAL HIT. In that they dream of being a soldier, so they do a super flashy move with their hoe and somehow till an entire row of soil all at once! Or at least they get a good rhythm going and swiftly hoe a whole row doing a cool sort of shuffle. I’d really like to see Farmers sowing seeds from a bag with a hand waving motion.

Depending on how in-depth the devs want to go there’s all kinds of ways to make farming more interesting, both visually and gameplay wise. Having scarecrows would be a nice aesthetic option, as well as maybe needing to make fertilizer out of rare materials in order to grow certain special crops!


Protipp: If you promote a farmer to a cook, he will still help the farmers clearing out the fields unless there are things to cook. I usually run 2 farmers and one or two cooks.

The way you said it is way better honestly Koala, but it would add a touch of realism my way, but it’d be good your way too.

I like the idea of harvesting one field completely and then immediately planting it, without getting distracted by other crops or hauling or whatever. If they leave to eat or sleep, they should get right back to exactly where they left off.

If the two tasks were linked it would play better, in my opinion. The delay in harvesting other fields shouldn’t be a threat of rotten crops. They plant really fast, compared to harvesting, after all.

This does seem to be a slightly more realistic way of handling it.

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I know that DeMaggo, but it’s still not really efficient.

I would really love a option to just assign fields to individual farmers (like beds).

  • Default: All field assigned to all farmers (like it is now)
  • Assign a field to a farmer: It prioritizes to work that field first. IF that field has nothing left to do then the farmer will assist with another field.

That’s a good tip. Here’s another. Go to your citizen menu and un-check to “Haul” box on some or all of your farmers. That way, all they can do is their job and they won’t be slowed down by hauling the things they harvest to a storage.


Wonderfull Information that i will use from now on while playing

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Somethimes I’ve whished that I could summon workers to help with the harvest. Maybe have the harvest tool work, if you put it over a farm plot.