Suggestions about farming

Farming is too simple right now, and most of the time my farmer is just waiting for the crops to grow (ok he is carrying logs but that’s not supposed to be his job). When you implement the water in Stonehearth, will the farmer need to water the plants? I suggest a wooden bucket made by the carpenter and later a metallic watering can made by the blacksmith. The mason could build a well to provide water closer to the fields otherwise workers would have to fill a big barrel from the nearest lake.
Also, there could be weeds growing in the fields that the farmer should remove from time to time with his hoe.
Birds and rabbits would try to eat the growing crops. So scarcrows and fences would need to be placed.
Raw food could be placed into barrels which would attract rats, then you would need a pet cat to get rid of those…


It’s also very fast, when compared to the time it takes to grow a real field of corn etc.

Still, we have to balance out realism with fun and good gameplay. Perhaps if settlements started out with a big pile of food then it’d be okay to take two in-game seasons for your corn to mature (and perhaps if we could play for two in-game seasons too XD ). As it is though, the need for food is too important.

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Mm seems I can’t find specific similar threads, although this kind of thing has been discussed from time to time.

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agreed… has the discourse grown so large that we simply can’t find those old threads? or is my amnesia permeating the very fibers of the forum? :smile:


You mean your farmers actually work? mine just sit around and eat, sleep, and occasionally harvest