Some requests about Stonehearth flora, fauna, farming, building and hearthling migrants

Stonehearth has been my favourite game to date, and I like to play it as a city builder. But I have some requests, which would make the game more fun. Hopefully, my suggestions aren’t too hard to implement. :slight_smile:

Can the water be reflective? Currently, there are no reflections, so the lakes don’t look right. But the concept art has reflections, which looks nice.

When will the little blue and red birds that Tom modelled years ago be added to Stonehearth? Even just to have them hop around our town, like the bunnies and foxes, and have a reason for the bird baths? It would make the world more alive. It would be nice to have some deer, dogs and cats as ambient creatures wandering through the world (especially the deer).

Can trees, which placed as part of the terrain, be allowed to grow? Currently, they don’t, and it doesn’t feel right.

Can the trees we plant grow at random speeds? They also grow a bit fast.

Can we please be able to grow everything, including pine tree, juniper trees, berry bushes, cactus etc? Currently, I only cut down oaks, as I know I can replace them, but not the other trees. It feels restrictive and takes away some of the enjoyment of the game.

Is it possible to make it so a Level 5 or 6 farmer can grow crops from another biome/faction? It would make farming interesting, and only skilled farmers could grow “exotic” crops (crops from other biome/faction), or they unlock the other crops at a certain stage, similar to unlocking building templates. It would be nice to have crops biome dependent, but that might not be feasible.

Can we please randomly find farm crops, like turnips and pumpkins, in the same way we can find silkweed and the flowers?

Can we please have dyes (made from flowers and berries), probably by the herbalists? So we can have different coloured beds and flags. Colourful towns are more fun to build :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make it so the cook uses the berries to make juices and cakes and cookies? It would add variety to the Hearthlings’ diet. And could Hearthlings have favourite foods that boost their morale?

Can the mason make stone window frames and doors and the blacksmith or engineer create metal window frames? Can the metal frames be made from copper and iron and steel? And metal furniture and lamps? Will the engineer make city gate sized entrances? For castles?

Can we have chimneys and attic windows? Or a chimney tool as part of the building editor? So we can make our houses look like they have chimneys, without using the slab too? Can we also have roofs of different slopes instead of the 45 degree slope?

Is it possible to have migrants that come from other factions? I would love to play with a mixed race town.

Can our migrants have a random chance of being a craftsman or soldier? This was in some of the earlier alphas, and added a element of extra fun. Or if you have greater wealth or defence, your chance of getting skilled craftsmen and soldiers is higher? Can we have a chance of getting two or three migrants on a single day? Maybe don’t have the migrants arrive every day, but every second or third day? (Making the migrant mechanism more fun and interesting could mean a greater reason for not having babies, which I have seen suggested elsewhere on the forums. I don’t think babies and children would suit Stonehearth.)

Is it possible to allow us to use all the building templates from all the factions in a single game, and have categories for each, like we have Custom for the templates? So we could have Ascendency, Rayya’s Children, Northern Alliance, Custom categories? Or you can only build the buildings of other factions if you have migrants from that faction?

It would be nice to randomly re-roll individual names and individual stats for each hearthling when you start the game.

The music for the game is really great!

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Well, along these lines you do have @8BitCrab’s Colorful market stall mod that adds new colors for your market stalls.