Seasonal and weather impacts on the game


I saw on the DT that seasons impact the growth rates of plants, does anyone have any more information on how each season and weather pattern impacts the game?
For example it seems that rain helps plants grow faster.
Thank you!


Rain does indeed speed up plant growth, it also reduces vision and makes your hearthlings unhappy if they have to spend too much time outside or (heaven forbid) sleep in the rain.

Snow has similar effects on happiness but also causes your hearthlings to move slower if they don’t have proper winter outfits equipped. Snow also greatly reduces plant growth.

There are other weather effects with different changes as well, fog, thunderstorms, windy days, sunny days, and there’s even some kind of lucky day that makes all your hearthlings happy, complete with rainbows!

Seasons are somewhat similar but last much longer and have higher or lower rates of certain weather types and are also different for each biome type. Winter has lots of snow and cold, plant growth is further reduced, etc. Spring has lots of rain and boosted plant growth and so on.

There are also crops that grow better in certain seasons than others! It’s all very cool and interactive now.


I’m actually having a pretty big problem with winter. My clerics are literally starving themselves and abandoning fights running around healing my livestock. I’ve tried placing braziers in the fields and making little buildings for them but so far nothing has worked.


The livestock don’t have the ai to seek shelter properly, the only way is Basicly to cover half your field with a roof… (its on the to do list for the ACE mod I think to gife them a bit more smarts)


It is a big problem that seriously hampers having livestock in big pastures. If ACE can’t find a way to protect the animals we will need to consider dissabling that effect of winter on livestock.

Have fun, Kyth.


I tried the braziers as the flavor text in the description talks about them providing warmth, I guess they don’t actually? That might be easier than redoing the AI for livestock.