Wind, Rain and Trouble!


Hey guys, i was wondering about the weather and seasons. Say if it is in the winter time will it have pros and cons? Such as faster crop growth or flooding hazards and in some rare events an almighty storm with lightning etc. Same with summer. Very little rain for crops and so wide crop death or a boost in moral. Also there is a lot of talk about flooding. Could you build walls to stop the flooding and will rivers burst their banks? Just to give living near a river or a stream dangers.

In-Game Weather

Hey there, there’s a thread [url] here [/url]discussing the weather and seasons.

I’m pretty sure they talked about weather/ seasons in the pizza party live stream, perhaps someone can remember exactly what was said or correct me! I’m looking at you @Sheenariel or @SteveAdamo.

I think the short of it is, they are undecided about whether the weather will have effects or simply be aesethtic, and consequently the same goes for seasons.

I like everything you’ve suggested though, and that would definitely be how I would see weather/ seasons having an effect if they were implemented in such a way!


yes sir, my recollection as well… when the topic of day/night cycles was brought up, i remember them mentioning they dont want the player looking at the screen and thinking its constantly noon… and in the same response i thought there was mention of wind blowing, seeing rain (something to break up the visual monotony)…


I only caught the first hour of the livestream so I will have to go over the rest at some point!


yes… yes you will, as we need your transcripts to use a fuel for forum responses… :smiley:


Tell me about it! I have 6 hours of footage to go through and transcribe sighs.

It’s something I’m gonna get to over the next week or so, been pretty busy with work and all those other inconveniences of life! But it will come!