Farming in Winter Biome? Shelving not updated

Alright maybe I haven’t figured it out yet but farming anything other than sweet potatoes doesn’t seem to work which makes having any kind of Shepherd problematic since you’ll have to buy corn/wheat and animal feed. Also in all the shelving for the themed housing cannot choose the new items for shelving (like sweet potatoes and the new flower)

So… not sure why, but do you have to have birdbaths immediately near your farms to actually farm? Otherwise nothing will grow it seems. So that seems to be the issue, once birdbaths are placed around each farm plot the things grow. I mean it makes sense about the water but maybe there’s another way? Haven’t tried fountains yet since it’s better to keep the farm plots close together.

Are you using mods?

In the arctic/tundra biome, crops grow slower due to the cold weather, which is frequent. But they should eventually finish growing (unless some wild animals come and eat them :stuck_out_tongue:).

There’s no water mechanic related to farming afaik.
Which crops are you having trouble with?

P.S. the shelving issue will be fixed in the next build.


I don’t know why but I take away the birdbaths and my crops barely grow. I put them down and my crops grow faster and get claimed faster. Have no idea why that is. No mods./ Latest version (Beta). That’s what I thought about the cold weather but for some reason my crops seem to actually grow now since putting down birdbaths? Maybe farmers are happier so do a better job?