New mod: More Realistic farming

Hi all, ive just made a new mod that some of you might like:

Its called More Realistic Farming,
and all it does is turn all crop growth stages to 24-H based, instead of the usual 8.
this means that to feed your town you will need 3x as many fields as usual. but it also means the crops will stay on the field 3x as long, and your farmer(s) will be working more in bursts instead of round the clock.

this should have a net effect of A: making it not look like you are feeding a town on half a square meter of food
B: with any luck, let your farmers do something else when they are now sowing or harvesting
C: stop your from putting down 3 farms and be done with planing forever
D: make harvesting bushes and things, and trapping/hunting more important in the early game.

note: ive only done the food crops, (this is intentional for gameplay reasons).
Any feedback or crops i have missed? let me know!

the mod can be found here (on the workshop):


Maybe this means that farmers actually move away food from the farm areas because that usually stays there forever since farmers don’t seem to like hauling them :smiley:

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What’s hauling anyway? My Hearthlings tend to be too busy building to haul anything xD

Possibly! Depends on the amount if farms vs the amount of haulers probably. I tested it on my nordlings and it works just fine there, but they are a bit better at farming anyway :stuck_out_tongue: so it might some balancing, math wise it made sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Nordlings the best farmers :smiley:

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