Oooooo! Idea for Modification! - Anno 1503!

Hey there everyone!,

Just wanted to throw out an idea to the community.

If anyone reading this is wanting to create a mod, then oh boy do I have an idea, a simple one too, for you!

(Sorry… probably too excited for this for some, probably odd, reason.)

Anyway, if anyone has ever played Anno 1503… which if you haven’t, play it! It’s amazing!.. But as I was saying, in that game, you would build settlements and in order to keep your people fed, you’d need to build hunting lodges and fisherman huts. However, when the food was processed, the only way your people could obtain that food was by buying food at market stalls that you set up for them.

So! I was thinking… You could create a class, a merchant class, that makes a Hearthling work at the already in-game market stalls and will sell food to the others.

In addition, you could add in this in with the Tier system Team Radiant just added. Meaning, at Tier 1, food could be just given out easily and for everyone. But as you raise your Tier, the more civilized you become, and soon create market stalls to sell food and possibly other items such as clothing to your Hearthlings, thereby creating a small economy for your community!! Ahh!

… (Cough) Sorry. Too much excitement.

Honestly, I just thought of the idea right now and immediately puked it back up onto this page…

But yeah, what do you guys think? Is it a good idea, bad idea? Should it be a mod? Should be an actual feature in the game? Let me know what you think!


I would really like the idea, but I wonder what you mean by selling. Do you mean that you’ll actually get Gold (the ingame currency) or more like handing the stuff out to other Hearthlings?

I would suggest the latter, because otherwise you’ll create probably a massive amount of Gold out of nowhere AND every Hearthling would need something like an income of Gold which he can spend. You’ll simply run into consistency problems here.

Other than that, I like the idea and would love to see it in the game, no matter if as mod or fixed content :smiley:

I don’t think consistency is a problem, as one can easily invent gold sinks like paying hearthlings for their work (they have jobs, right?). But this system overcomplicates things (yes, it won’t be that easy to implement). And in turn it adds things that are (somewhat) less enjoyable than the rest and remove the game’s lighthearted and simplified style.
That’s only my opinion, mind you, so please don’t get offended. But with this system SH will look and feel more like SimCity… balancing income/spending etc… And we already have SimCity. I doubt it is something that fits into SH we have now.

That’s prbably more what I meant, yes.

I also agree with you on that. That’s why I suggested making it just as handing out the goods to other hearthlings. It does not change the overall gameplay too much, and brings some more life into the town.

But there are still many open questions, like you would have to consider which Hearthlings can take which goods by themselves and which only via merchant. What happens when there is no merchant? Are there different types of merchants or can some job be their own merchants, if not all?
Just to give some examples.

I could definitely see this being a thing the more this game gets developed, but really the gameplay is not changed unless you show the distribution of wealth among your hearthlings represented with more content within your town. also I don’t see the point unless an AI only mode was present or a computer opponent if multiplayer becomes a thing.

Here is a quick and simple mod that that gives the 2 market stalls the ability to also be a stockpile. So you can set it to be the only stockpile to store food, and your hearthlings with look like they are purchasing their food from a market stall. Just unzip it to your mods folder. (908 Bytes)