[A22.5] [MOD] Never Furrow Fields! 2 times denser, over 9000x more efficient!

This clever little mod removes unplantable furrows from farmer fields, so fields can be denser and you don’t have to do the single-row trick to get the most out of you farmer fields!

Download: never_furrow_fields.smod - Google Drive


But the furrows are so cute! It’s a nice mod, I’m glad it finally exists, and I’m sure a lot of people will use it, but it’s not for me. Here’s hoping the team gives the furrows a purpose later on.

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Water :wink: :astonished: Have you tried my mod yet? Did it work well?

Sounds pretty awesome! I myself am one of those who use the single-row trick, and it can get a bit tedious. This is amazing! Thank you!

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BTW Everyone, this is intended to be a temporary mod until Team Radiant decides a better method for eliminating the single-row trick :smile:

Well done, @Wharp. I was going to implement that in Plant Lore but you were faster, I guess I’ll just add your mod to the list of my recommended mods.


Lol well thank you! If you felt like it, you could add it to your mod as well, if you didn’t mind the redundancy. :grin:

Love it using it in my next video :D!

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Omg! I can’t wait to watch that :grin::grin:

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