Farm spacing bug

Farm plots with a width of 1 square can be placed adjacent to each other. This is similar to the “meat farms” I used to make with the trapper a few versions back. Its more of a gameplay cheapness hack than a bug.

How to reproduce:
Place multiple “1 x Y” plots on the map. Select a crop to grow.

Expected result:
Adjacent plots will not grow if they are next to another plant. “Spacer” dirt will be between them.

Actual result:

Look at the leftmost rows of this farm

Not sure if this is deliberate. It offers no advantage aside from space saving. It’d also be a huge pain to change your crops if you have, say 30 rows bunched up. Is it worth even fixing? Just letting you know this is here, I guess… :octopus: :ocean: :rowboat:

Version: r144


Easiest solution would be to force farm plots to always be 2x1 or 2x2 when drawn on the map, so that there’s always empty dirt. Otherwise this could easily be abused for min/max purposes when it comes to farming.

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I am actually hoping this bug is never fixed. But it is a problem.
When building a field essential 50% of it is unusable, because of the furrows. So a field 10x10 blocks only produces 5 rows of food. and 10x11 produces 6 rows of food.
In order to get around this you can exploit the bug of creating a field that is only 1 block wide. By making 10 1x10 fields. You can produce 10 rows of food, seen in the picture below.

This is similar to the discussion from Fields, Furrows and Farming. Actually discusses the problem of no negative repercussions of just making 1x10 fields. This may go in to game balance category if one appears ever.

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Old… Boring! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m hoping to see what the addition of water does with regard to furrows… maybe it’ll be disadvantageous to not have them, for irrigation purposes