Wharp's Corner of the Cube -- New Mod, Check it out! Updated May 26th!

Welcome to My Cozy Little Corner the Hearth!

This is where I post what I have quietly been tinkering away at; usually that means technical, small mods for usability and accessibility. However, I have some large, projects in the works under the covers. :smiling_imp: Most of my functionality mods are meant to be as compact and low-profile as possible, so they don’t decrease performance, so let me know if you think is not the case with one of them! This is a shameless imitation of the clever and creative Pawel_Malecki and Kittyodoom, check out their corners too!

Crafter Queue Mod!

Watch all the crafters at once!

Take a peek at what's crafting...

Are you tired of waiting on items to craft, constantly checking for it to be done, or simply forgetting until far too much later? Well so was I. Until I developed this little window. With Crafter Queue, you can quickly, efficiently manage all your crafter’s queues at once!!

This sweet little mod is surprisingly powerful, with a plethora of functional features:

  • Movable! Drag the window where YOU want it, and it’ll stay there.

  • Hotkeyable! You can set Crafter Queue hotkey from the Controls menu! The default is “ctrl + back-quote” (that’s the key to the left of your 1 key).

  • Sortable! Order the crafting queues the way you want! Simply drag the name of the crafter around.

  • Cancellable! Cancel crafting orders by right-clicking.

  • Managable! Clicking a crafter name will open that crafter’s workshop.

  • Verbal! Tells you when the crafter has no queued orders!

Download it from steam workshop today!!!

Current Version: v1.0
Stonehearth Version: 24.10.2
Last update: 05/26/2018 4:20 pm PST
Download: Crafter Queue Mod !!

Follow Cam Remembers Mod!

The most convenient mod you never knew you wanted!

In case you forgot ...

Obviously, the follow cam is 100%, without a doubt, the best tool in ALL of Stonehearth. We all know this fact. We also know that it has one little teensy problem that makes it COMPLETELY UNUSABLE: If you aren’t currently selecting a hearthling, Follow Cam doesn’t activate! What the heck! Well, fret no longer, because I have saved everyone from pain and misery:

Two little hyper efficient files will allow you to automatically jump to the last hearthling (or pet) you followed – assuming you haven’t gotten them killed – saving you valuable time, and possibly acting as a useful waypoint (but only if you’re a pro)! How it works: Whenever you hit J, if you aern’t selecting something that can be follow-cam’ed, then it will go back to the last thing it did successfully follow.

Current Version: v1.0
Stonehearth Version: 24.9.2
Last update: 05/12/2018 4:21 pm PST
Download: Follow Cam Remembers Mod !!

Dense Fields!

2x denser farmer fields, over 9000x more efficient!

Hopefully this info isn't too dense ...

This clever little mod removes unplantable furrows from farmer fields, so fields can be denser and you don’t have to do the single-row trick to get the most out of you farmer fields! Essential if you care about efficiency.

Current Version: v1.0
Stonehearth Version: 24.9.12
Last update: 05/12/2018 11:20 am PST
Download: Dense Fields Mod !!

Box Command Tool !

Command All the Things! Quickly Undeploy / Redeploy Your Stuff!

Don't forget to read the instructions

Want to quickly move all 25 of those berry bushes across the map? Thats gonna be a pain if you have to individually click each and move it. :wink: That’s the motivation for this mod: it allows you to box select entities, and it’ll allow you to redeploy all the entities that can be!

Next Feature: hotkeys for commands!

Current Version: v0.1.1
Stonehearth Version: 24.9.2
Last update: 05/12/2018 9:54 am PST
Download: Box Command Tool Mod !!

Outdated mods

Enter the danger zone....

Edge of Screen Panner!

The functionality mod that you just realized you can’t live without!

The sweeping deets
[spoiler] This mod is really straight-forward (panning pun). It adds the functionality to pan the screen in the direction of the edge that your mouse is against. This mode ended up taking me a fair bit of time to function intuitively, but I think I’ve got that pinned down, let me know what you all think! [/spoiler]

Current Version: v0.3
Stonehearth Version: 22.5
Last update: 10/19//2017 5:45 pm PST
Download: Edge-of-Screen Panning Mod !!


“Fresh, Fast, and Not Quite a Grid” Edition

All the information

… What the heck is this?

Essentially, my aim is to imitate SC2’s grid hotkey setup, while also preserving the WASD movement that Stonehearth has. What this means is that all hotkeys should be reachable without lifting your hand off WASD (with a few obvious exceptions like escape or when you perform shift and some key).

… Okay but how does this work in Stonehearth?

My first attempt follows this simple rule: Start menu items (the main buttons you see all the time on your screen) map from keys Z to N, in order. Special menus like the town overview and bulletin are mapped to other special keys. Then when you enter a sub menu (for instance, by hitting Harvest), the buttons Z through N will now map to those items in order.The logic behind this is that you know the button’s hotkey based on their position from the left. The mechanical difference between this and default hotkeys is that Entering a sub menu changes the hotkey mappings, so the key you press will have a different action based on which menu you are in. This makes much more sense when you try it out.

… Cool, but that’s not a grid.

You’re right. But I didn’t say I was done implementing this yet. :wink:

… Alright, alright but but what do you want me to do?

Test it out! It feels a tad weird at first since you’re probably used to thinking “H for harvest,” instead of _“X for harvest menu then X for harvest tool.” Trust me, though, it won’t take long to get comfy with it. :smile: Also, you can still view all the hotkey bindings in the settings menu or by hovering over the button.

Current Version: v1.0
Stonehearth Version: 22.5
Last update: 09/24/2017 3:32 am PST
Download: GridKeys Mod !!

Author’s Note to Team Radiant: My hope is that these functionality mods are added (and better implemented) into the base game, so my mods won’t have to do it for us. I’m not saying I can program functionality better than Radiant, it’s more about the fact that Team Radiant is busy implementing bigger, better, and scarier functionality! Radiant has my full consent to use this code, to add or modify it to Stonehearth Base as they see fit. Of course, if they do, I’d love to talk about its performance and how the code (and I myself) can do better. :wink:

Found a bug? Got questions about the mod, how it works, or modding in general? Speak up! I’d love to talk about this stuff!


I look forward to my next SH session where i will try out your new box comman tool! Thank you :slight_smile:


I second this sentiment! I will eb downloading that…ehm…once I get home to my laptop, heh


I can’t wait to hear back!! :smiley:

I have just installed your boxtool mod and i must say that i am impressed @Wharp :slight_smile:
But when you first have tried SH with this installed, there is no going back. @sdee @Brackhar have you guys seen this yet?

If i have to say anything to improve, it would be the button icons, but other than that (if that is even counting haha :rofl: ) i have nothing to add…

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@Fornjotr, Lol I love the feedback, and yeah, those icons a lame five-minute attempts, Ill update them, low-priority of course. :slight_smile: My hope is actually to make a universal tool, instead of seperate ones!

Btw, do you think there are any other commands that could be useful to have a box tool for? I don’t think a “use buff potion” tool would be super useful, but maybe a ‘rescue all’? What do you think?

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I dont know if this would fall under the boxtool category, but some kind of prioritize this area order? would be very helpfull when the loot starts to drop all over the place :slight_smile: Was there a developer recently that said something about this? or do i remember incorrectly? hmm other than that i dont have anything right now, but i will let you know if sparks combine in the right way in my brain :sunny:

Hmmm can you elaborate on what you want to prioritize?

what i am thinking, is to prioritize collecting the loot over wood or stone? At this point loot is the very last thing hearthlings will haul and that is fine, but in some situations i would really like them to haul that piece of armor that would help my defence to stand their ground against the next wave of attackers. But this is just because you asked what else could be done with the tool… i am not sure that the solution should be the boxtool :wink:

Oh yeah I see! I definitely feel like this should be a thing.

Like what if we make it so the box loot is default but when you individually click the item and click the command on it to loot, that would be the priority loot command?

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This is true for A22. Wait for A23 :wink:

This was taken into account, too.


:smiley: Relyss with the spoilers! Lol thank goodness you mentioned this so I didn’t spend hours trying to learn the AI part of SH to program this!

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yay! great news, thanks for sharing Relyss :slight_smile:

Box Command Tool Updated!

Hotkeys have been added (you might have to set it under controls menu)
Some previously commandable entities are now commandable.

Up next: Chest safety!


Guess what! I finallly updated and add my mods to steam! Two of them, I have not updated, asI’m not sure if I want to continue work on those. I’m excited to have time to finally mod again :slight_smile:


Surprise! I’m proud to announce the first official release of Crafter Queues! Check it out!


Hey Wharp :slight_smile:
i found some issues with Café mod and the wooden well from it does not work with box command tool.
Not sure if its box command or café so thought i let you know:)

release-898 (x64)[M]

radiant/modules/entities.lua:314: attempt to call method ‘get_player_id’ (a nil value)

stack traceback: [C]: in function ‘get_player_id’ radiant/modules/entities.lua:314: in function ‘get_player_id’ …_tool_call_handler/box_command_tool_call_handler.lua:104: in function <…_tool_call_handler/box_command_tool_call_handler.lua:91>